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This is a "fun-raising" event to benefit the School and the church in the form of a festival and special events. It is a true community-building event, but one that involves hard work and takes a lot of volunteers to make it successful. Come join us! Meetings: Planning groups begin meeting in June each year. The Oktoberfest takes place the first weekend in October.

Proceeds from the Oktoberfest benefit our parish and our school. Every little bit helps. If everyone takes a few raffle tickets - and gets others to take some, the individual "little bits" add up to a lot. If everyone sets aside the first weekend of October and comes to the school grounds to share in the festivities, more "little bits" add up to a lot more. And everyone has fun.

Planning and putting on a big social event like the Oktoberfest takes hours of work and loads of imagination and talent. Thank you to all who work so hard for months to make this event happen. It would be great if we could have so many volunteers helping that everyone would be able to take some time off from the food and game booths, to relax and enjoy the day. For many of our stalwart volunteers, the reward of the event comes only in knowing that they have helped others have a good time. It would be great to give these loyal souls some relief, if even for an hour or two. Your help is needed.

The primary purpose of Oktoberfest has never been to make money. It was originated to build parish community. If by the end of the weekend more people know each other and have enjoyed each other's company, if many children and young people have had a good time, if fine food has been consumed, if many prizes have been won, and good entertainment has been enjoyed, the event has succeeded. If an amount has been made to support our parish and school, that is frosting on the cake.

Please pray for the success of this year's Oktoberfest. Lend your support as well. Then we will be blessed with a successful event.

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